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What is Instructor-led Training (ILT)?

An Instructor-led training (ILT) is any form of instruction that is facilitated by a trainer, either in-person or in an online setting.

At CCDI Consulting, our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion through education. We make it easy and affordable to provide a variety of IDEA training to individuals, small groups, and large workforces to exceed your and your organization's DEI objectives.

Designed to address all levels of DEI knowledge and learning, we utilize adult learning methods to create interactive and engaging material. Our introductory courses lay the foundation to progress to more advanced classes and topics.

Our certified instructors deliver tailored live & online DEI courses accessible from anywhere. Convenient attendance from your desktop. No travel is required.
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CCDI Consulting's Instructor-led Online Training for Organizations

Through our instructor-led online cohort-based training, learners can interact with the instructor, ask questions and receive guidance throughout the class in real-time. Learners can also participate in group activities and build a professional network.

 The inherent efficiency of instructor-led training allows an organization to provide incrementally higher training hours for more learners per hour of instructor time.

Networking opportunities empower learners to connect with colleagues and associates for deeper company-wide engagement.

Learners are engaged in two-way communication and learning with the instructor, minimizing disruptions or distractions.

Learners often perceive higher value -- an investment in them by employers -- with ILT offerings that can lead to better training outcomes and long-term team loyalty.

To remove barriers and ensure the quality of the learning experience is consistent for all learners, regardless of their level of ability, all our courses adhere to the principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID), considering learners' potential needs when designing and delivering instruction.

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 checked icon Benefits of Remote ILTs for Organizations

 An interactive & immersive learning environment.
 Higher knowledge acquisition and retention.
  Real-time access to the instructor for feedback and discussions.
   Consistent learning throughout the organization.

Why choose CCDI Consulting Remote ILTs?

Employers who offer Instructor-led training gain many benefits, including:

Access to subject matter experts outside the organization and facilitate open dialogue

Cost-effective method of delivering interactive and focused training organizational diversity (DEI) training

Group activities, discussions, and hands-on activities encouraging peer-to-peer learning

Distraction-free environment for an engaging and interactive learning experience

Certified instructors to answer any questions, clarify misconceptions as they happen, give guidance, and demonstrate concepts

Increased employee engagement

Help employees share ideas and different viewpoints across an organization

Ready to get started?
Contact us to discuss how to integrate Remote Instructor-led Training Programs into your inclusion, diversity, and equity strategy.

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