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Intercultural Development Inventory

Developing intercultural competence is a life-long learning journey. The Intercultural Development Inventory® (“IDI”) is an excellent tool for assessing the intercultural competence level of an individual, group, or organization.

Further, the IDI provides individual and group feedback and coaching to develop a plan to enhance intercultural understanding.

Summary of Our Approach

It is a simple and effective method to have your teams assessed and on their development journey

Complete IDI Questionnaire Each person being evaluated completes the 50-item questionnaire.
Individual Debrief

75-minute debrief/coaching session.

Each person receives their profile report showing their IDI scores and a six-month development plan tailored to their development level.

Group Debrief Group members attend a 1-hour virtual debriefing of aggregated  group results.
Cultural Competence Training

Group members at a 2-hour online instructor-led session, Introduction to Cultural Competence.

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Why Use the IDI

  • The IDI has been subjected to rigorous statistical testing. It is arguably the most thorough and reliable analysis of its kind and has been lauded by most subject experts.
  • The IDI allows you to see an individual’s or group’s progression along a continuum of cross-cultural competence. It measures both mindset and skillset.
  • The IDI facilitates cooperative conversations and actions toward growth and development rather than judgment and resistance.
  • The IDI results are actionable. For each individual who completes the assessment, the IDI creates a customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) that guides the person through activities and self-reflections that develop intercultural competence.
  • Conducting an IDI assessment is often the first step on the intercultural competence development journey. The tool is extremely useful in determining further developmental activities targeted to the specific needs and developmental level of each individual who completes the assessment.

What the IDI Measures

The IDI® measures an individual or group’s level of intercultural sensitivity along the Intercultural Development Continuum®.  This is based on the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, a renowned and widely respected developmental model created by Dr. Milton Bennett. 

The Intercultural Development Continuum® theorizes that individuals progress through specific phases of development in their understanding of the complexity of cultural similarities and differences. Each position along the continuum represents an increasingly complex understanding of cultural differences, allowing increasingly sophisticated and engaging experiences with people of other cultures.

It is:

  • Developmental:
    • Provides practical, in-depth information,
  • Actionable:
    • across a wide range of cultures
    • rigorously validated to apply across cultures and does not contain cultural bias
  • Customized for educational and organizational use:
    • in 17 languages
    • staff provides a wide range of support 
    • extensive IDI resources are available

About the IDI Questionnaire

The IDI is a 50-item questionnaire that requires approximately 10–20 minutes to complete.

The IDI tool generates profiles of an individual’s and a group’s capability for shifting cultural perspective and adapting behaviour toward cultural differences and commonalities—it is a measure of intercultural competence.

Group Profile Report

The Intercultural Development Inventory® can also be used to assess a group or team’s overall approach to dealing with cultural differences and commonalities. Detailed group reports are provided to the group or team with an aggregate picture of intercultural competence within the group. The group profile report must be requested separately and prepared at an additional cost.

Summary of Our Approach

  • Completion of the IDI questionnaire by each person before training,
  • Each person receives a private IDI debrief/coaching session with a qualified IDI Assessor. The session is up to 75 minutes. At that time, they receive their profile report showing their personal IDI scores and a 6-month development plan tailored to their development level.
  • The group convenes for a 2-hour online instructor-led training session on Cultural Competence. In addition, the cohort attends a 1-hour virtual group debrief session; this would also require IDI pre-reading work.
    Each group or cohort can accommodate up to 20 people. The cohort size is limited to support an interactive and collaborative learning experience.

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