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Maturity Meter™

Are you progressing on your Workplace DEI journey?

How effective are your efforts to embed inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) into your business strategy and operations?

CCDI Consulting’s Maturity Meter™ is a blended qualitative and quantitative measurement system that helps you evaluate the maturity of your IDEA strategy so you can determine where you’re at in the journey toward IDEA excellence.

How Does it Work?

Maturity Meter™ is a synthesis of several benchmarks that are combined and weighted in a unique way to produce a panel of scores. These scores reflect the progress – or maturity – of your efforts to embed a robust IDEA approach in your business processes.

Key Benefits

  • Assess the validity of your current efforts.
  • If deemed necessary, recalibrate how and where your organization is expanding its efforts.
  • Identify gaps that are essential if your organization is to achieve its IDEA goals.

Why Measure Maturity?

Measuring maturity is crucial, enabling stakeholders to see your organization's standing regarding its D&I commitments. 

In addition to supporting the overarching D&I strategy in tracking the progress of creating a broader D&I experience for associates, leadership, vendors, customers, and stakeholders, the measurement tool identifies the current and expected gaps by comparing the current and previous performance levels of the ongoing efforts. 

The Maturity Meter™ is designed to provide insights into specific workplace diversity aspects using various models, including The Global Diversity Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) (v. 2018), developed by The Centre for Global Inclusion. 

Key Components

Powered by our proprietary application, Maturity Meter consists of:



To ensure we properly configure the employer questionnaire, we conduct a pre-survey to assess your organization’s structure, including size, as well as any legislative jurisdictions that may impact your questionnaire results.

Employer Questionnaire

This online questionnaire poses up to 160 yes or no questions that are scored, weighted, and divided into five groups based on 15 key benchmark categories.

Automated Assessment

The data collected from the Employer Questionnaire and the Employee Validation Survey are combined into one structured assessment that provides an overall maturity score, as well as a number of sub-reports that provide maturity scores for each benchmark category.
Further Development

Facilitated Discussions

A two-hour meeting is scheduled with your project or leadership team to review the report’s findings, identify areas of strength and weakness, and uncover potential areas for further development and growth.

Five Levels of Maturity

The Maturity Meter supports the progress of your IDEA strategy by helping you build a broader, richer IDEA experience for associates, leadership, vendors, customers, and stakeholders.

The five levels of maturity indicating how near or far your organization is to achieving IDEA excellence span 0% to 100%. That said, there is no reason you shouldn’t strive to exceed 100%. There remains plenty of new ground to be broken.

Testament to its accuracy, the Maturity Meter has a 95% confidence level with a plus or minus 5% margin of error. This means that if we were to repeat the exercise 100 times, we would expect the result to be within 5 percentage points of the true population value of 95 of those times.

Has your organization begun its diversity & inclusion journey, and would you like to know how your strategy is performing?

Then Maturity Meter™ is right for you.

Ready to chat with one of our DEI experts and make an impact?

Contact us today to discuss integrating Maturity Meter™ into your inclusion and diversity roadmap. Our experts can answer any questions you have on measuring & improving your organization’s DEI.