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Online Self-paced, Convenient, Interactive, and Accessible Diversity and Inclusion Training


Also called electronic learning is an umbrella term that describes education using electronic devices and digital media.

At CCDI Consulting, our eLearning is self-paced, convenient, flexible, interactive, engaging, and accessible. Learners have complete control over how, when, what, and where they learn. Since your learning progress does not need to be synchronized with others, you can move from one topic to another at your own pace.

Our Course Offerings

Our eLearning courses highlight the latest research findings and best practices for implementing IDEA in the workplace as part of our online diversity and inclusion training — Also available in French

We offer online diversity and inclusion training for professionals and options for employees using our powerful LMS that features accessible and responsive design, enabling participants to learn on any device. All you need is an internet connection. 

Taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, they cover various topics in IDEA and are suitable for all audiences and knowledge levels containing audio, video, and written media to support all learners. Our eLearning course catalog includes:

  • IDEA Fundamentals | Principes fondamentaux d'IDEA
  • Introduction to Unconscious Bias | Introduction aux préjugés inconscients

We offer our eLearning courses to meet your requirements, whether you are interested in individual training or one-time DEI training for a small group. Click 'View Details' to access complete course details to learn more about each course.

During registration, start by selecting either a bundle of courses or a course individually:

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Bundle and Save $$!

Purchase both courses for $149.00! That is a savings of $49.00.

All courses are $99.00 and include 90-day access, additional resources, and a personal certificate of completion.


Adapted to Adult Learner Needs and Characteristics

Adults learn differently than non-adults. They have more life experience and less free time, and tend to care more about practical results than abstract theories. By recognizing how adults learn best, our eLearning modules are designed so that adult learners will want to start and finish the course. Our eLearning modules use the most up-to-date practice and scientific evidence surrounding adult learning.

Interactivity and engagement are integral to the design of our eLearning courses. Each course is broken down into modules that contain core information, reinforced with real-life scenarios and case studies. Learners choose from potential responses and can see the possible outcome of their choices.

As the eLearning modules are "confidential" to the individual, they have the opportunity to "fail": in private, thereby learning from their mistakes without the fear of public scrutiny, embarrassment, or other negative consequences.


Your organization saves money on travel and accommodations while reducing time away from other duties with eLearning

Our eLearning modules achieve learning objectives in the shortest time with the least effort due to their design (Joshua et al., 2016). Moreover, our eLearning content design and delivery are consistent. The transparent learning activities and processes lead to a more effective learning environment, as learners clearly understand what to expect. 


Our eLearning modules conform to level AA (WCAG2) and beyond. The accessibility features offered include: 

  • Closed captioning 
  • Screen reader accessibility (the latest versions of NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and TalkBack) 
  • Keyboard accessibility 
  • Audio description 

Convenient and Flexible

Accessible 24/7, our eLearning modules are available on almost any internet-connected device – ideal for remote or geographically disparate workers. Our eLearning also has a responsive design to adapt to various devices, browsers, and platforms.

Our eLearning consists of short 30-minute modules. Modules can be accessed, paused, and reviewed at the learner's discretion, giving them control of how they use the material.  

Employees do not need a dedicated workstation or connectivity to the organization's network. Learners can access our self-directed eLearning modules via their mobile devices. They can log on while commuting, at work, or during their free time. The learning material can be used when and where the learner wants, thus allowing them to complete the course when it suits their schedules.  

Engaging and Interactive

Our self-paced modules satisfy the adult learners' need for independence, willingness to take the initiative, self-discipline, self-confidence, and their desire to learn more by giving control over their learning and schedules. 

In addition, our eLearning modules bring authentic workplace situations into the learning using immersive experiential activities, such as animated scenario-based case studies and real-world examples.  

Our eLearning modules are developed with the universal design for learning mindset to suit the needs and learning styles of the maximum number of learners. They combine various visually pleasing design elements, such as videos, animations, and illustrations, to optimize the learning experience by creating a more interactive and stimulating event. The variety of content in our modules increases engagement, helps learners retain the course content, and leads to better workplace interactions. 

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Our robust remote Learning Management System (LMS) supports self-directed and blended learning strategies. Our online cloud-based learning platform is designed to inspire learners. It combines impressive learning experiences that are well-organized and easy to navigate. 

The LMS provides an intelligent administration portal for the dashboard and scheduled reporting to automate your way to maximum efficiency. It offers a seamless, simple, and user-friendly experience. Its responsive design allows learners to access and easily navigate the platform from internet-connected laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. 

Your data is stored and hosted on Canadian servers providing a secure, private, and confidential environment.

For individual enrollment, start by selecting either a bundle of courses or a course individually:

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Need DEI training for a team or organization? 

For small or large organizations seeking ongoing DEI training for teams or groups, please contact an Account Executive or simply book a meeting with us to explore more options.

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